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the first state visit in the obama era. they protest against the evacuating settlements in the west bank. a cadre of the faithful. the 2.5 million muslims pray the threat from swine flu and descend on the holy city. >> it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, a midday in london, where the long-awaited inquiry into the iraq war has begun. former prime minister tony blair's decision to support the invasion of iraq in 2003 was highly divisive at the time, and continues to generate controversy. the central accusation is that the british government misled the public about the threat waged by saddam as sayihussein. >> the iraq inquiry was set up to identify the lessons that should be learned from the u.k. involvement in iraq to help future governments that may face similar situations. to do this, we need to establish what happened. we are pieces in this together from the evidence we are collected from documents, were from those who have firsthand experience. we will need to evaluate what went well and what did not and why. my colleagues and i come to this task with open minds. we are apolitical. we are
of police firing tear gas at anti-government demonstrators and making several arrests. >>> president obama has a message for iran on this, the anniversary of that well-known hostage crisis. >> in a statement the president says iran needs to choose between focusing on the past or moving toward a brighter future. >> laura setrakian is in the mideast with a look at u.s./iran relations. good morning, lara. >> reporter: good morng, jeremy and vinita. when iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy, taking 63 americans hostage, they drove a wedge into u.s./iranian relations that's lasted more than 30 years. for 444 days the crisis continued. the hostage-takers called their captives guests of the ayatollah. they celebrated the embassy takeover as a victory against imperialism and the american super power. every year on the 4th of november iran's government commemorates the event with rallies against the u.s., the great satan in the eyes of the islamic revolution. this year the scene is more complicated. iran's government is railing against america while it publicly negotiates with the u.s. over it
but no studies show that it does work to - des- dr.- it. >> mpmororning is on president obama and - he - he pr was condu that is generating some inte cb cor sha good morning, bill. >> rep you y-- pres for bein pre toda called the freedom of expression and relidge gone universal ri- - >>> > they should be available to al religious minority whether they are or >> - bro natio mos stu rig- gov but u.- pecked at random from the inter should we be able to use twitter fre- twi he gr- >> npnononsesnsorship and i have a lot of wh-- abou i or - >> r-- twit fpfirir thi exc q&a, has whi the president whether bring up human rights when he meets with chin but there's in denying that oth iran more >> so what is this about he says he- out of that. we' bla but it gave him an open to go ta freedom and it's 3re9 clear that when chance to mention just exactly what we do in the united states that t china. in the-- the minut& >> bill planning with the pres thank you very much. now here's maggie.-- >>> a drug. millions take zetia by merck, but renewing questions about whether it our dr. jennifer ash
. >>> president obama deciding what to do next in afghanistan, but in congress the question is, who's going to pay for it? we'll share your views. >>> and during the holidays paula deen goes whole hog. not always a good thing. see what made the celebrity chef run for cover during a food drive. >>> this is hln "news and views." hello. i'm richelle carey, thanks for your time. >>> something just came into the newsroom. the florida teen set on fire in that vicious attack is getting an apology. 13-year-old jeremy jarvis is the younger brother of one of the three boys charged in that attack last month. the attack on 15-year-old michael brewer who suffered burns ober 6 5% of his body. jeremy and another boy were released after the state declined to press charges. police say he watched what happened. he didn't take part, though. that's what they say. and here's jeremy's statement to reporters a short time ago ichlgts wanted to express my deepest sympathy to mikey and his family. i will pray for mikey stronger every day and for mikey's speedy recovery. i want to tell my brother that i love and miss him. i
in the show tonight. >>> also, independence day. independent voters who were the key to barack obama's election victory are turning away from the democrats. in the latest nbc news/wall street journal poll, only 20% of independents have a favorable view of democrats, compared to 42% who had a unfavorable view before. add to that the president's falling approval ratings, and you have nervous democrats and giddy republicans looking ahead to next year's midterm elections. could the republicans take back the house of representatives? >>> plus, good news for sarah palin. republicans in iowa like her. interesting news for sarah palin. nobody else in iowa does. why sarah palin could win the republican nomination in 2012 and get hurt badly. well the party would in the election. >>> and can dick cheney come up with one good thing to say about president obama? check out the "hardball" sideshow tonight. >>> let's begin with health care reform with u.s. senator bob corker of tennessee, a republican. senator, thank you for joining us as we begin the holiday season. why don't the republican party,
. in virginia, in 2008 when barack obama took virginia, people under 30 were 21% of the electorate. today they were 10%. the black vote was 0% of all virginia votes last year. today it was 15%. the very coalition that put barack obama over the top is not showing up. >> democrats, though, still may make election history and richard lui i will take a look at a new york congressional race in just few meants and more on the wider implicationses of these elections. >>> more infants and young people are hospital leezed for the h1n1 flu, but in california, older people are more likely to die from it. a study in the journal of the american medical association says the fatality rate from h1n1 in california is around 11%, 2000 people over 50, the fatality rate is as high as 20%. the study looked at california cases from april to august. >>> on the 30 lt anniversary of the iranian hostage crisis, president obama said that he wants to move beyond the past and build a relationship with iran based on mutual interests and mutual respect. u.s./iran relations have been hostile since the day islamic studen
means a very big change for one of the shuttle's crew. >>> president obama will announce his new plan for a troop increase in afghanistan tuesday, plus new information on what he might be saying. the troops who may get called to deploy as soon as the end of next month. >> it's like christmas every day. >> this man is a freegan. we'll tell you exactly what that term means. you're watching hln. i'm richelle carey. black friday is in full swing. stores are offering any number of door buster deals to get you and other bargain hunters to open up your wallets. early birds hit some stores on thanksgiving and more retailers opened at midnight. people are snapping up deals, practical gifts and hard-to-find items as well. laptops, cameras, flat panel tvs, gps devices are flying off the shelves. retailers are hoping this season will be the reseverse of last yr which was one of the worst in decades. by tradition black friday is the day shoppers would push stores into profitability for the year, but many customers say they are watching their budget. >> we got here at like 2 a.m. she wanted to brin
voters ditching president obama and his democratic party? should democrats be nervous? nbc political analyst charlie cook is joining us, editor and publisher of the "cook political report." he's the best in the business. "newsweek's" howard fineman is a political analyst and brilliant columnist, again, proving that again this week. with his column for "newsweek." let's look at a couple polls this week. this is a fascinating poll. party i.d. if i ask you, "what are you?" at a party or on a street corner. what are you, anyway? looks at all of the polls and puts them together into a trendline. look at this, independents have risen in the last six months to up to 36% of voters, more than a third now, more than either party. and republicans are falling drastically down to 22. charles cook, even though the president is the one trying to run the country right now, and lead us, he gets hurt. but knew marically, the republicans are getting hurt bad in this shift to independents. >> they have -- they have not held -- republicans are being given a wonderful opportunity to pick up a
? the republican is well in front. does this have any implications nationally or is this a factor of the obama surge from last year that can't be replicated now? >> virginia like new jersey will be decided by state issues and candidates themselves but republicans in that state are trying to nationalize the election in the way that mcdonnell tied to unpopular policies coming out of the obama white house and as you mentioned, a lot of first-time and new voters and young ethnic voters helped barack obama win in virginia but this is an off-year and you don't have excitement on the left like did you last year. >> turnout is light in atlanta. and houston as well. >> you have a lot of interesting mayoral contests across the country. let's start in new york city where michael bloomberg, the two-term mayor fighting for a third term. as you mentioned, down in your way, city council woman mary norwood is hoping to become the first white candidate to win an atlanta mayoral contest in 40 years. boston, the man there, hoping to win an unprecedented fifth term as mayor and houston another interesting race. >
saying that president obama has the information he needs to make a decision. we got that word late last night after the president met with his national security team for a ninth time. our elaine quijano was working the story from the pentagon and what are you learning about the president's decision? >> well, kiran, we know that meeting was slated to start last night in the white house situation room around 8:00 local time, and we're told that it wrapped up some two hours later at 10:00 p.m. afterwards white house press secretary robert gibbs described the meeting as a rigorous final meeting and he said that president obama now has the information he wants and needs to make a decision. he also said that the president plans to announce that decision within days. the president has met with members of his war council since september nine times. one thing that was interesting to note in the photo that white house released of last night's meeting we saw someone there who's not traditionally thought of as part of the president's war council, that is the president's budget chief, peter orszag.
decision by the obama administration the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the worst terror attack in u.s. history and four other attacks will be tried in a civilian courtroom. for the victims' family it is reigniting fierce debate. >> for me, my feelings, it's tasteless, it's sensitive and those scars, which have never been healed are just going to be open again. so, i am not comfortable with this call. >> new yorkers are certainly more than capable of handling it and i think, again, it speaks to the very heart of who we are, not only as new yorkers, but as american citizens. you know, if a crime is committed on our soil, you're going to be given a trial. you will be given access to an attorney and you will be innocent until proven guilty. >> will illinois be the new guantanamo? a government task force will visit a nearly empty prison in thompson, illinois. the town two hours west of chicago could be the new home for suspected terrorists. correspondent richard lui will have more on that in about 25 minutes. >>> a college football player spoke for the first time since his neck was crush
obama's state dinner say they want a six figure payment for an interview. that, at least, is according to a tv executive that spoke to the "associated press" on condition of anonymity. they also told them that tareq and michaele salahi said to get their bids in. >>> looks like black friday ended up being a mixed bag. shoppers flocked to the stores but sales nationwide were up by just .5%. sales are expected to increase by nearly 2% for the entire holiday season. the nation real tail federation predicted more people would go shopping but spent less. tomorrow is cybermonday when many people shop online. >>> we still don't know much about the car accident that send tiger woods to the hospital. he is not talking yet. as susan candiotti reports, that is only fueling the mystery surrounding the incident. >> reporter: the cracked-up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods cadillac suv, photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate, the shots taken after the golfing phenom crashed into a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway and slammed into the neighbor's tree. >> he was on the ground
by first-round fraud has been abandoned but leaves a mess of questions unanswered. president obama has spoken to president karzai isaiah about corruption and about writing a new cheapter. the latest from washington in a moment. first this from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of kabul. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai, which got the majority of votes in the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections for afghanistan in 2009, be declared the elected president of afghanistan. >> the heads of the election board was besieged with questions about fraud, corruption, and how a man who won less than half the vote could be president again. >> are you not embarrassed by the way this is being conducted? >> why? >> because you've been forced to withdraw a second round. >> that was our duty. the constitution [inaudible]. >> world leaders have rushed to congratulate hamid karzai. but he emerges weaker than ever. in charge of a country more divided and dangerous than
. president obama said that it would be under $900 billion. it is not. president obama said it would not add to the deficit. it will. president obama said that no one would lose the health care that they have and they will. this is a terrible bill. >> all of us have made sure this bill pays for itself. we're embarking on something very new and very important, this health care bill, and we've all committed that it be paid for, something that hasn't happened in ten years. that is no longer business as usual. and that's why -- that's one of the reasons this bill is the right way to go. >> the white house praised the senate for moving that health care plan forward. press secretary robert gibbs said the senate is one step closer to providing stability and security for those with health insurance and extending quality het coverage to those who lack it. >>> at least 29 people are dead and a dozen are missing after a ferry accident off the coast of sumatra. it went down in high seas this morning. so far, rescuers have pulled more than 240 people from the water. the ferry sank about 90 minutes into a
. >> reporter: one year after the voters of new jersey and virginia helped elect barack obama president, they reversed course last night, handing their states' top jobs to republicans. national g.o.p. chairman michael steele said today his party has found its voice again. >> as recently as a couple of >> the republican renaissance has begun. it has begun in earnest, in which we put our faith in the hopes and dreams of the american people to rebuild our economy from the bottom up, not the big deficit spending plans and policies of the politicians in washington or our state capitals. >> reporter: virginia republicans, including former attorney general bob mcdonnell, swept the night-- mcdonnell by a nearly 20-point margin over democratic state senator creigh deeds. >> eight months ago, i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight, you have hired me. thank you! ( applause ) >> reporter: president obama campaigned repeatedly for both deeds in virginia and new jersey governor jon corzine, but it wasn't enough to sway independent voters, especially in virginia. still, white house spo
, partying a little too. they swept yesterday's tight gubernatorial races. last year president obama was the first democrat to win in virginia in more than four decades. then in new jersey, incumbent jon corzine lost to republican chris christi. mr. obama campaigned hard for corzine, trying to help him. both parties spoke to cnn about this. >> last night was an example of what happens when elected officials and others don't pay attention and don't listen to what people out there are saying. we're listening and we're paying attention at the gop, and we're going to build off last night and hopefully bring more victories home last year. >> i think you need to read these as local races with local concerns. that's traditionally been the way these races have gone in the years after the presidential race. but the president is quite popular in both new jersey and virginia. >> watching those two gop wins, democrats still made some election history, a big upset in new york and the wider implications, what it means to you. >>> now to a missing pregnant woman that has been found dead, her body d
told family members moments before being executed. >>> plus tough choices facing president obama as the president gets ready to honor america's veterans. good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's tuesday, november 11th, 2009. take a look outside. with very rain falling around the region right now. you can see it through the lens. meteorologist tom kierein in the studio with a look at the praft. >> wet and blustery for veterans day for all the events. it's wet all over the region. all the blue and green you see on the radar is rain. the green is where it's coming down harder. we'll had any y over .1 inch. the wider view showing more rain coming up out of the south, all associated with the remnants of tropical storm ida. and for the rest of the day, breezy and wet and temperatures gradually backing back into the 40s in the afternoon. looks like a wet night tonight, too, holding steady in the upper 40s through the evening. by dawn tomorrow looks like we'll have rain around, a lower chance of showers, mainly south and east of washington,
. the obamas will join the grieving families and a lot of people are wearing red, white and blue on this sunny day. >>> the national rifle association wants to stop florida adoption agencies from asking couples if they own guns. the nra claims that the very question invades the privacy of gun owners. it violates a federal law that prohibits the state from registering guns. the child welfare department says gun ownership question is included on some but not all forms that parents fill out. there's legislation being introduced to block the question from being on forms. this is a your views topic for today. richelle carey joins us to talk about what you have to say. >> this comes from a couple that wanted to adopt a child. they had a form that had the question on it. they didn't like having to answer the question about whether or not they had guns and they thought about suing but instead went the legislative route. that's how we got here. we've been listening to what you have to say about this story. we took our views cams down to the streets and got this comment from another chuck. >> my view on
's got to be more to it than that... i'll never doubt you again. >> this week, president obama is expected to announce a plan to send more troops to afghanistan, a strategy that is expected to be a tough sell and that will have a big cost. we have that story from washington. >> how many more americans are heading to afghanistan? president obama makes his long- awaited announcement on tuesday, but some are suggesting he will send more than 30,000 with in the next 1.5 years, 9000 beginning in february. >> it did not work previously. you need to put in every but you can as quickly as you can and deliver a knockout punch quickly to the enemy. >> some are not convinced the president is doing enough. democrats are afraid that afghanistan will become the next iraq. >> the key here is an afghan surge, not an american surge. >> they want to tax the wealthy to pay for the war, an extra $1 million per troup, per year. david obey of wisconsin wants to tax everyone but the troops -- an extra $1 million per troup. -- troop. >> we have to see what this costs us on education and on our efforts
minutes from now, president obama and the first lady will welcome india's prime minister, manmohan singh. it's the obama administration's first state visit. cnn foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty is joining us now live from the wous wi white house with more on this. good morning, jill. tell us more about the events today and why they're so significant. >> reporter: well, the events, number one, there's a lot of pomp and circumstance with this. it is the president's first state visit, and so symbolically, but also in a very substantiative way, you're going to have a lot of things happening today. beginning with the arrival ceremony very shortly, about to take place. normally, that would be on the south lawn. there would be military guard and all of that. but since it's been raining for a couple of days and rightening a little bit, but it's going to be inside. nonetheless, pretty formal event. then you're going to have meetings, bilateral meeting, the two leaders sitting down, one on one. then, of course, an expanding bilat, as they call them, where their aides will be taking par
are falling in the artic. the global sea level is rising. i am satellited to note that president obama and you in your daily -- i am delighted to note that president obama and you in your daily work know that the climate is important in your daily task. of new technologies offers great opportunities for growth and innovative jobs. and innovative jobs. . no doubt about it, in december the world will look to us, to theure peaians and to the americans. and it is true there can be no agreement without china and india. but i'm convinced once we and europe and america show ourselves ready to adopt binding agreements, we will also be able to persuade china and india to join in, and then in copenhagen we shall be able to overcome this wall separating the present and future in the interest of our children and grandchildren, and in the interest of sustainable development all over the world. ladies and gentlemen, i'm convinced just as we found the strength in the 20th century to bring about the fall of the wall made of concrete and barbed wire, we shall now show the necessary strength to overcome the wal
. >>> happening now, president obama is holding two major meetings, one with his cabinet and another with his war council, and we are told that the president could make his decision on afghanistan as early as tonight. now alleged 9/11 terrorists could get a megaphone and shout some hateful anti-american views. wait until you hear the intentions of khalid shaikh mohammed and the four other 9/11 defendants at their new york civilian trial. >>> and could your walls be destroying your home making you sick and you don't even know it? there are alarming findings about chinese drywall. wolf blitzer is off. i'm suzanne malveaux in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> even amid a holiday week urgent matters of life and death, the economy, here at home, there are grave matters of life and death that are in afghanistan and all of this, of course, requires the president's attention. it's all on his plate. today the president is holding two major meetings. there's one with his cabinet, and in just a few hours the
it was too late. president obama's job approval rating has hit a new low. 46 percent of americans now disapprove of the job the president is doing. i see what is happening it is both. 46 percent approve and 46 percent disapprove . that is down from june. the president's disapproval rating dipped below the 50 percent of the gall up poll. nato is close to finalizing a deal with the obama administration to send more troops in afghanistan. 3,000 to 7000 troops being be headed there once president obama decides on a strategy for the war. a fox new poll finds that 52 -- 42% support sending the troops there. >> a sentencing the leader of the plot to blow up the sears taur 14 years in prison. he was convicted of conspiring to send to al qaeda ask waging war in the united states. sentencing will be 5-8 years. the sears tower was renamed the willis tower. >> big bang machine back in action . 10 million atom danger suffered severe damage because was a electrical fault and then a bird draped a baget in a value. since it was repaired it was turned on for the first time yesterday. they are ready fo
morning. and thanks for being with us. abc news learned overnight that president obama will announce his decision on whether to send more troops to afghanistan in a matter of days. >> that came after a final meeting of his war council in a rare, evening meeting in the situation room. here's our martha raddatz. >> reporter: since the end of august, the president has met week after week, to explore details of a plan that officials tell abc news will likely call for between 30,000 to 40,000 additional u.s. troops. and several thousand nato troops on top of that. >> this is the most thorough, the most sustained, the most thoughtful process i have ever seen. >> reporter: but funding the troops may now pose an even bigger problem. the powerful chairman of the house appropriations committee warns that sending more troops could doom the president's domestic initiatives. >> it wille no money for nothing, if we poor it all into afghanistan. >> reporter: it is estimated that each additional 1,000 troops would cost $1 billion per year. congressman obey told abc's jon karl, that if the president asks
? >> you know what, he hasn't failed since barack obama came into office. he was part of the team that failed over the past decade. i mean, god, you've got larry summers, who in '99 pushed legislation that led to where we are today, and geithner was there. for some reason, the one guy who's an outsider that could actually -- is outside the club, volcker, they don't talk to him. and i asked yesterday, i asked our little 17-year-old friend at "the new york times," andrew ross sorkin, who's written the best book on this. i said, why don't the obama people let volcker in the room because he could clean it up? you know what he said, he's not in the club. it's a small club, mike barnicle. it's a club that allows huge errors by these bankers and then give huge bonuses. people are angry. >> people are angry. the aig bonuses, goldman sachs bonuses, people are sick of it. i had an idea in new orleans yesterday walking around that they ought to take the government of the united states, including the secretary of the treasury, president of the united states, speaker of the house, the senate p
obama has phoned him and warned him that corruption must be tackled. the latest from washington in just a moment. first the bbc's ian panel from kabul. >> it's cost millions of pounds and dozens of lives to get to this moment. and it came in a small, packed room on the outskirts of call bull. >> we declare that mr. hamid karzai has gotten the majority of votes i the first round and he is the only candidate for the second round of elections of afghanistan in 2009, be declared as elected president of afghanistan. >> the head of the election board was -- with questions about fraud, corruptions and how a man who won less than half the votes could be president again. >> are you not embarrassed by the way this process has been conducted? >> embarrassed? yes? >> because you've been forced to withdraw a second round. >> that was a duty. the constituency -- >> world leaders have rushed to congratulate hamid karzai, but he emerges weaker than ever, in charge of a coury more divided and dangerous than at any point in the last eight years. >> the country was not really, and i want to say that pleas
is the mother's boyfriend and he said he was at home when the girl was taken. >>> president obama is in beijing right now, part of his eight-day trip to asia and meeting with china president hujintao. he pushed for greater freedoms in china. >> i see china's future in you. young people whose talent and dedication and dreams will do so much to help shape the 21st century. i said many times that i believe that our world is now fundamentally interconnected. the jobs we do, the prosperity we build and the environment we protect and the security that we seek all of these things are shared. >> president obama will also visit china's great wall today. >>> the fbi used equipment like ground penetrating radar at that house in cleveland where 11 bodies were found. we could see more digging this week at anthony sowell's house and store. the search also has expanded four houses down. >> they found bones about this long. they come running in the house bringing them in the house with their bare hands talking about, look what we found. >> police aren't say figure they actually found anything. but anthony sowe
because u.s. leaders didn't send more troops. the report comes ahead of president obama's announcement tomorrow about whether he's going to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> okay. are you going to be shopping at work today? this is what they call cyber monday when a lot of people hit the web to buy holiday gifts. problem, many people do it on company time. jennifer westhoven is here. you and i can say it's part of our job. >> i have to research the deals. >> exactly. good morning. >> good morning. i mean, one thing you should really all know about cyber monday it's just a big marketing gimmick. it's not the busiest day for shopping or not even necessarily the big deals. take that marketing gimmick and make it your game. there are deals out there if you didn't want anything to do with the black friday crowds. maybe that's too much for you. maybe this is the time you start doing your shopping. store trade group predicts more americans will buy online compared to last year. sears web page has 15% off appliances, lots of other deals, too. best buy has a 19-inch hd tv. of course, i don't
tension. how president obama is addressing sensitive issues in china today. his next step during an historic visit. >>> then, prison politics. plans to turn an illinois super max prison into the new home for guantanamo detainees. the pros and the cons. >>> and, fat fight. experimental medicine to battle obesity. the new drugs and how they work. it's monday, november 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning and thanks for being with us on this monday morning. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm jeremy hubbard. >>> we start this half hour in china where president obama has taken a staple of american politics, the town hall meeting, to hundreds of students. >> she joins us this morning from shanghai. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. when the president stirs started out he explained to the students how this was all going to work. this event was, in fact, supposed to be broadcast live on chinese state television. but apparently the government changed its mind at the last minute. it was only broadcast live on local stations here in shangha
>>> imminent decision. president obama to city on a troop increase in afghanistan within days. >>> deadly defect. trouble with a movable side prompts the biggest crib recall in u.s. history. >> the child was wedged between the mattress and the drop side and strangled. >>> and amazing awakening. a belgian man thought to be in a coma for 23 years was conscious the entire time. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 24th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 24th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. the white house says president obama will announce his decision on a troop increase for the war in afghanistan within days. apannouncement is expected early next week. last night, the president held his ninth and final meeting with his war council. it's a decision the president has been considering for months. >> i think the american people want the president to at that time time to get this decision right. >> last night's meeting lasted two hours. one of the key questions the president posed, wh
she joined president obama and presenting the 2009 rfk human rights award to the women of zimbabwe. we salute ethel kennedy and the work for the center for justice and human rights, established in honor of her late husband. for more about the rfk center, go to now erica hill and "ac 360." >>> tonight women concerned about whether to get a mammogram have something new to think about. will those recommendations, the same ones still causing such a stir, actually find their way into law? administration officials say not to worry, noting these are only guidelines. but did they speak too soon? could this derail the push for health care reform? we're "keeping them honest." >>> plus, helping us, a high powered panel to do that, former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina and gloria steinem, both of them breast cancer survivors and bernadine healey with us. >>> the 9/11 mastermind steps from ground zero. the obama administration wants to provide him with a platform. is the former vp selling new york and the justice system short? a strategy session tonight with two former fed
. and while president obama isn't on the ballot, the results could speak volumes about what voters think of the job he's doing. >>> new images. police release computer-enhanced photos of what madelyn mccann would look like today, exactly 2 1/2 years after her mysterious disappearance. this morning, the new push to find who is is responsible. >>> and absolute disaster. a fork lift operator bumps into a shelf at a vodka warehouse, and the whole place comes crashing down. and with over $100,000 in damage, that driver's career could be on the rocks today, tuesday, november 3rd, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. that vodka story's something. our crew just ran out of here with sponges. >> he's in big trouble. >> he is in big trouble. >> ooh. that's a lot of -- >> we'll have more on that. >>> meanwhile, it's election day. if you're at the white house today, you're downplaying the significance of today's results, but the hd of the republican party says we could be seeing a referendum
-camera session was robert gibbs, where he says that president obama in an oval office meeting yesterday at 5:00 p.m. with defense secretary robert gates, secretary of state hillary clinton, general david petraeus, the top general for the afghan/pakistan region, and also the chairman of the joint chiefs, issued his orders on its strategy on the way forward in afghanistan, so he did not want to get too far ahead of the president's speech, but we know that those orders were issued late yesterday, 5:00 p.m., in the oval office. regarding australia, we are told president obama will not be asking australia to send more troops to the conflict in afghanistan. the aussies had 1550 troops. prime minister read says he feels that is about the right number -- prime minister rudd. the president is reaching out to allies for more troops. we have been told him for the president will not ask australia specifically for more because they have already given more than any other non-nato country. jane: talk about the domestic politics involved back at home for the speech tomorrow. >> it is interesting. if you walk --
. speaking of george bush, in an analysis speec, looks at the lae obathe way obama goes about the decision making process. later on, there is a quote from lawrence wilkerson, a retired army colonel. let's get to your thoughts on what we are learning that the president will in fact add more troops to afghanistan. we will hear from sam from west new york, new jersey. caller: it is time to get out of afghanistan and iraq. doing a war on terrorism with our mighty military might, with tanks and planes this kind of like trying to exterminate cockroaches with a sledgehammer. it is absolutely pointless. what happened on 9/11 was more of a crime that it was an act of war. >> how do you generally fill about the use of u.s. troops. are you almost always against it, or is of the circumstances here? guest: it is the circumstances here. after 9/11, i was almost in support of what bush wanted to do in going in iraq. after the anger fades, you have to look reality end use reason. that is why i like obama. he goes with his gut. host: thank you. scott, independent. caller: good morning. host: good morning.
and west germany and came down 20 years ago today. >>> president obama tries to get middle east peace back on track during a meeting this evening with israeli prime minister netanyahu. relations between the two countries have been strained since israel refused to a u.s. demand to stop building west bank settlements. >>> subways and buses are rolling again in philadelphia and its suburbs. a nearly week-long transit strike ended overnight. >>> and it is officially barack obama day in central alabama. perry county is marking one year since the election of barack obama as the nation's first black president. in addition to a parade there government offices are closed and county employees get a paid holiday. >>> for some of you your local news is next. >>> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues after this. - once, during a difficult time in my life, my mom gave me some advice. to love, to hope, to the world. those words changed my life and inspired my open hearts collection at kay jewelers. kay was the perfect choice to help me and eternal. you were right, mom. keep your heart open,
toward president obama's goal of health care reform. the vote now moves the debate from committee to the senate floor. >> the important thing is that we debate it, that there be a free flow of amendments, that some will pass, some will fall. >> reporter: there were two democrats and an independent who voted to start the debate but won't support a final bill unless it addresses their concerns. >> my vote today should in no way be construed as an indication of how i might vote. >> let me be perfectly clear, i am opposed to a new government administered health care plan as a part of comprehensive health care reform. >> it won't force one insurance company to give it to someone with a pre-existing condition or lower the cost. >> reporter: the dispute among democrats will likely lead to a heated floor debate next month on legislation that would extend health care to 31 million americans. republicans have made it clear they will not support the current bill. >> i think this bill is a disaster for our country. president obama said it would not add to the deficit. it will. president obama
. the president and first lady welcomes 2,000 kids and parents to celebrate the holiday. ms. obama was the only one in costume. they got goody bags full of m & m's and a treat from the white house pastry chef. >>> fox 5's matt acland looks at some more memorable get-ups. >> reporter: it's a tradition aswell known as trick or treating. m street attracting famous people. our first celebrity citing, the athletic and beautiful. >> i'm serena williams. it started to rain, hail, sleet, bring it on. >> reporter: but on a night so frightful, even the dead were spotted. >> did you know maryland monroe is dating the beast. >> we were hoping there won't be that much people. >> i'm a midnight ferry. >> did you make your costume or did your mom do it? >> my mom. >> reporter: for many this was not about dressing up, instead they brought the people for people watching. >> you have done this before? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what do you think of the outfits so far? >> interesting. >> reporter: to deal with some of the traffic issues, authorities set up barricades along m street and blocked off side streets but
obama announced the creation of the high-value interrogation group. this could be make -- this would be made up of law enforcement agencies and this would be housed at the fbi. this would be overseen by the national security council. can you describe the role that the fbi will be playing in this effort? . playing in this effort and the type of oversight that will be placed on interrogation? >> well, what we've come to call the hig is an effort to gather people in anticipation of the acquisition of the capture of high-value detainees, to have a group of people who are steeped in who these people are, who have determined how we can successfully interrogate them, using methods consistent with our values as an american nation, the fbi will play a part of -- play a part in there, along with members of the intelligence community in acquiring this information and in also devising interrogation techniques that will be effective with regard to the specific person that is in front of them. there will be a team of people for each of those high value -- potential high value detainees. >> when co
be an indication of how people feel president obama is doing and the democratic congress. back to you. >> thank you. >>> and for all of the latest as voters head to the polls tomorrow, keep it here on fox 5 and you can watch the results on >>> a mass murder scene in ohio. the bodies of half a dozen women are found in a man's home. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> a bizarre crime unfolding in cleveland, ohio where police found the bodies of six women decomposing inside the home of a registered sex offender. the coroner said the women were all murdered. cleveland police made the discovery while attempting to arrest anthony soul on rape charges. >>> a man suspected in the fatal shootings of four men at a north carolina television shop has been captured in virginia. police in mount airy, north carolina say marcos chavez gonzalez was arrested early this morning at a hotel nearby near the virginia state line. he was wanted in the kill go ahead of four men on sunday. police say they don't believe the shootings were random. >>> a bombing outside bank has kill
a couple was able to get into president obama's first state dinner without being invited. the house homeland security committee wants the couple and the head the secret service to testify about this on thursday. now, at least two senators want authorities to press charges against tareq and michaele sala salahi. the secret service says she slipped by. lawmakers aren't the only ones who think the administration should make an example out of these two reality stars. >> they trespassed, no right to be there. secret service has a tough enough task. these people want a reality tv show, give them one, called dealing with the federal prosecution system in the district of columbia. >> that's getting to the point. the "new york times" says the salahi's answered questions and their lawyer insists they did not crash that dinner. >>> a law professor is telling struggling homeowners, it's okay to walk away from your mortgage. what do you think? is that sound advice or the start of a credit nightmare? we want your views on this very controversial topic. >>> so glad today. the supreme court overtur
following yesterday's election. republicans won two states that backed president obama just a year ago. cbs national correspondent jeff glor is here with the latest on the numbers. good morning, sir. >> hey, harry, good morning to you. independent voters who supported president obama in 2008 broke heavily for republicans in yesterday's elections and that helped republicans win the governors races in new jersey and virginia. in new jersey, chris christie unseated jon corzine in a bitterly fought contest. >> this election was and is about the future of the state we love, the great state of new jersey. >> governor jon s. corzine. >> reporter: corzine was blamed by some voters for the state's ailing economy and the highest in the nation property taxes. independent voters were key, backing christie two to one over corzine. in virginia, independent voters by that same margin put conservative bob mcdonnell in the governor's office. >> eight months ago i applied for the job of governor of virginia. tonight, you have hired me. thank you. >> reporter: the gubernatorial races have been closely watched
going through the house. >> what is interesting, president obama came out and trumpeted the endorsement from the american medical association. i have them on board . doctors believe in them and today, they are going to be meeting in houston, no. our board of trustees voted and they may vote to retract it if that is the right word. for a saturday, there is so much going on in capitol hill and around the country about all of this health care reform. >> later in the show, we walk you through . point by point, and you lead up to 6 o'clock or 8:00 p.m. tonight there. is a lot of drama . first the headlines. >> i do want to tell you what is happening at this hour. there is another deadly shooting to tell you about this morning, 40 year old man accused of going on a shooting rampage at his woformer workplace. jason rodriguez blamed the engineer firm accusing them of hindering the unemployment benefits. rodriguez entered the building and killing a 26 year old. five others were wounded. his former mother-in-law told fox exclusively that he had a history of mental illness. >> i am thankful they h
? >> reporter: good evening, charlie. white house officials argue this is no way a referendum on president obama. these are local races. but republicans, perhaps smeming some victories tonight, point out that today is the first opportunity voters have had to register their feelings about president obama and the democratic congress. in new jersey, president obama is not only the ballot. bull he's on the phone. >> hi, this is president obama. i want to apologize for disturbing you. >> repter: the president's robo calls to voters in the garden state follow his campaign appearances for the state's unpopular democratic governor, jon corzine. locked in a neck and neck race with republican former federal prosecutor chris chris tooe. >> jon was one of the best colleagues i had in the senate. and one of the best partners i have in the white house. >> reporter: the white house insists the results of that race and the virginia governor's race will not say anything about support for the president. but the feelings of vote are relevant to the president's future successes and failures, and perhaps in next yea
bit. >>> we begin with countdown to president obama's new strategy for the war in afghanistan, a plan expected to call for an additional 34,000 u.s. troops. as the president prepares to address a skeptical american public, it's becoming cheer some members of his own party need convincing. >> i do not believe we should send more combat forces at this point. that's been my position. combat forces where we are the ones doing the fighting without an afghan partner. if we have afghan partners that are fully involved in the fight, partnering with us which is on the job training for them, critically important. i can be more supportive. >> our only reporter live at the white house this early. as we talk about the challenges the president faces, some are right there within his own party. >> reporter: absolutely, one of the main challenges the president faces. what the president thooz do on tuesday evening is show there's a clear commitment on the side of the afghan government here that there's a direct correlation between the increase in u.s. troops and also an increase in afghan security forc
towers once stood. >> reporter: in halted comments from japan, president obama says he supports the attorney general's decision. >> i'm absolutely convinced that khalid sheikh mohammad will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice. >> reporter: but critics say treating 9/11 as a civilian criminal case rather than a war crime would not only produce damaging information about u.s. interrogation tactics but raise new york's profile as a target of terror. holder's predecessor of the bush administration blasted the decision. >> a decision i consider to be not only unwanted but based on the fact of the refusal to face the fact of what we're involved here is a war, people who following a religiously-based ideology that calls upon them to kill us. >> reporter: more important than where the conspirators are tried is that they are found guilty. >> if they did it, maybe they should be -- [ inaudible ] it's changed my life and i know it's changed a lot of other lives. a lot of us will never be the same. >> reporter: tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> a family visiting the nation's ca
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